Picazzo’s the FREE


How can food that is free of so much, taste so good? 

Picazzo’s is proudly FREE of gluten, pesticides on our organic vegetables and fruit (as Mother nature allows).  We are dedicated to offering the cleanest foods we can source.  Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen uses antibiotic-free poultry and nitrate/nitrite-free meats.  We also use cheeses that are RbST, antibiotic-free and free from added hormones.  Personally, we’ve never acquired a taste or tolerance for pesticides and prefer not to ingest genetically modified organisms.  Nobody needs to eat meat with added hormones and antibiotics to the animal’s food that gets passed on to the unsuspecting human.

Did we mention yet, that we also use only 100% non-GMO sunflower and Extra Virgin Olive Oils in all house-made dressings.  In case there is any questions about our gluten-free house-made bread, which is also our croutons, is made with Non-GMO rice and tapioca flours, Non-GMO potato starch, Non-GMO sunflower oil, salt, organic sugar, cage-free eggs, yeast and Non-GMO xanthan gum.

We also proudly have increased our vegan menu options, using non-dairy Daiya cheese and a pea protein vegan chicken product.  For our vegans, we also offer an egg-free pizza dough, also house made!  It’s clear why Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen is becoming quite a destination for those living with gluten sensitivities and multiple food allergies.  We have an allergen chart on our website identifying if a particular menu item contains: milk, eggs, fish shellfish, nuts, wheat, peanut and soy.  These have been identified as the most common food allergens.  We learn about new ones every day as our servers are trained to ask every guest to say, “Do you have any food allergies that I should be aware of, before I place your order?”



So, when we cook with fresh, local organic produce and herbs along with all of the other selections mentioned above, the food not only tastes better, but you feel better when you are done eating!  Have you ever wondered why you felt so bloated or swollen after eating certain foods or at certain restaurants?  You have no idea what oils are used, amounts of sodium and antibiotic laden dairy products are used in your dishes.

Please treat the whole you by dining at one of our five locations in Arizona; Sedona, Flagstaff, Tempe/Chandler, Scottsdale or Paradise Valley/Phoenix.  Picazzo’s is locally owned, employees 150  and is dedicated to providing a safe, clean environment for all of our guests to enjoy amazing, scrumptious food! Your tummy will thank you!

On behalf of the entire Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen’s team, we thank you for being a guest at any of our tables.