Allergy Friendly


Treat yourself to allergy friendly foods to support your immune system for the upcoming

spring allergy season.

Picazzo’s is so proud to hear from our guests that understand our great allergy friendly and gluten-free menu.  We offer the rare opportunity in the valley for families and friends to dine together with so many living with and experiencing food allergies.   There can be a real feeling of  isolation for many that may not trust or be able to dine in restaurants where food allergies may be an afterthought or made to feel like accommodation instead of designing the complete menu around this allergy friendly concept.  Here are the main food allergen culprits we identify on our Nutrition and Allergens website page:   Milk, egg, fish, shellfish, nuts, wheat, peanut, and soy.

       Salad Allergen Example:

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What some of our guests are saying about our allergy friendly menu:

Instagram:  As someone who rarely eats out due to multiple food sensitivities it’s “go big or go home” when I do.  Thankful for establishments like @picazzositalian for giving gals like me a safe and delicious place to eat. …………I seriously LOVE this place.


Instagram: “We may not own @picazzositalian stock, yet.  We rely on PICAZZOS for much of our sustenance.  You are our DineIn/ToGo source for pretty much (1/4) of our weekly cuisine.”


Instagram: “It is a Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly Eatery which focuses on Gluten-Free & Healthy Italian-American Cuisine. Dishes are creatively inspired to fulfill the 1st time guest or tourist local connoisseurs whom seek a swanky twist to Health Conscious Dining.  Pizza Lovers will notice the establishment’s own In-House Dough.  “Gluten-Free Original” Crust (Ovo-Vegetarian) having a wonderful, light, flaky texture, undisputed quality.  The dough is a true delicacy with traditional flavor, satisfaction, and all-the-while guilt-free pleasure.”


Yelp 5 star Kyle R:  “Amazing!  Accommodates my allergies and tastes great!!  I got the vegan pizza bread and vegan cheese.”


Yelp 5 star Zachary W:  “One of my favorite Gluten Free restaurants.  Everyting on the menu is GF so you aren’t left out by dietary restrictions.  The food is also great!”




Yelp 5 star Suzanne S:  “I absolutely love this restaurant.  I eat clean and gluten-free and that leaves very few options for eating out, so I’m very thankful for Picazzo’s.  The food is always excellent and I feel healthy and nourished after each meal.  They have my undying devotion for putting Tiramisu on the menu.  The service is gret and the employees are always fun, friendly and pleasant to talk to…….”

Trip Advisor:  “Something for Everyone!”  NancyB

We have a family with lots of foodie issues, some need gluten free, some corn free, and some dairy free. AND kids who are picky. The menu here is fantastic and the staff are well informed about the ingredients………….” 

Trip Advisor:  “Great Gluten-Free”  MPAZ111

This is one of our go-to “safe for a Celiac” restaurants. The pizza is delicious. The wings come with a variety of sauces. Additionally, you will find a variety of salads and other healthy entrees. We NEVER worry about accidental cross-contamination when eating here.