Picazzo’s Famous Pizza Doughs


Picazzo’s Healthy Organic Italian Kitchens famous pizza doughs start here!


We currently offer 4 specialty “house-made” daily doughs that are made with love and a lot of special ingredients.  Our 4 doughs are:
Gluten-free Original
Gluten-free Vegan
Organic Original
Organic Whole-Wheat
Did you know that elevation, water quality, air and water temperatures play a vital role in each of the Picazzo’s 5 locations doughs?  Flagstaff at 6,900 elevation, Sedona at 4,325 elevation and our 3 valley locations; Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Tempe elevations at approximately 1,085  all treat their dough slightly differently.
How many times have you not been able to drink the water from a restaurant?  Have you noticed how good Picazzo’s water and ice are?  Picazzo’s purchased water filtration systems for the kitchen, server stations and ice maker at all 5 locations to provide consistent, clean water for the recipes which resulted in delicious   tasting water for our guests.
Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen was proudly voted Phoenix New Times Reader’s Choice 2015 and 2016
margheritamany reasons.  We are not aware of any other restaurant that makes their gluten-free dough in house! Most discriminating palates wouldn’t know the difference if they were not aware they were served this crust.  Our gluten intolerant guests are ecstatic about the fresh tasting, soft and chewy pizza dough.  Our recipe is exclusive to Picazzo’s and is not purchased from a vendor.
The GLUTEN-FREE ORIGINAL ingredients are proudly printed on our menu above: Non-GMO rice and tapioca flours, Non-GMO potato starch, Non-GMO sunflower oil, salt, organic sugar, cage-free eggs, yeast and Non-GMO xanthum gum.  There is truly an art to making this dough and our kitchen teams are skilled and make it with love!  All toppings, including cheeses and sauces are GLUTEN-FREE!  The stone-deck pizza oven is dedicated to cooking all of our gluten-free menu items.  The two gluten pizza doughs are prepared in a separate mixer and cooked in a separate oven and with separate utensils.
All gluten-free pizza’s are served with a gluten-free designated stick to assure you it has been properly prepared!
The GLUTEN-FREE VEGAN dough was added in 2015 with strong requests from our guests.  This dough is prepared with all the wonder NON-GMO ingredients above, except we exchanged the eggs for organic applesauce to act as the binding agent!  Our vegan guests have numerous toppings to add on their pizza including Daiya mozzarella and vegan chicken-free strips by Beyond Meat.

This is a recent post by a guest, Ryan A. from Yelp that posted his Vegan Fig Pizza topped with fresh arugula.  He posted an excellent review and will definitely be back for more!

 The ORGANIC ORIGINAL is proprietary information and is made in-house with ALL ORGANIC ingredients!
The ORGANIC WHOLE-GRAIN is also proprietary, but some of the amazing ingredients we use along with the whole grain flour are rolled oats, wheat germ, flax seed meal, ginger and fennel seed.  The crust is rich and nutty in flavor and if you haven’t tried it, you owe yourself a treat to run this pizza past your lips!
To enhance our famous pizza doughs, our 9 sauces are all gluten-free and 6 of them are vegan.  The line-up includes: Organic Red Sauce, Olive oil and Garlic, Organic Barbeque, Spicy Thai Peanut, Organic Spicy Red Sauce, Vegan Cauliflower & Garlic Alfredo, Turkey Bolognese, Creamy Alfredo, and Organic Basil Pesto!!!!!!!!!
screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-1-39-36-pmWe don’t stop there!  To “top it off”, our cheese and protein toppings are nitrate/nitrite, RbST, antibiotic-free and free from additional hormones that are naturally present in the meats and dairy.
Picazzo’s Healthy Organic Italian Kitchen boasts an extensive list and variety of fresh, healthy pizza toppings that adorn our Signature Creation pizza’s or are available to CREATE YOUR OWN.  
You may go to our website menu and click on pizza for the full menu!
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