Flagstaff Leader, Mother and Friend


It’s such a pleasure to shine a spotlight on our General Manager, Michelle Shawler in Flagstaff.  She has lived in Flagstaff since 2007 with her significant other and handsome 2 boys.  Her sons love that their mom works at Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen restaurant.  They claim very unbiased, that it is the “best pizza ever”.

Michelle started her career as a server in 2007 and then was promoted to assistant manager in 2009 and General Manager in 2011.  She is a solid individual, incredibly reliable, caring, efficient and well respected and loved by her peers and employees.  With all the extra restaurants that have opened in the Flagstaff, it ultimately divides the pie of potential guests, but her business remains strong and continues to increase.  We are very proud of that and know Michelle’s leadership is a key to our success.

Michelle feels it is very important to build a relationship of mutual respect with each and every staff member.  She makes the effort to make sure her staff knows that she cares and demonstrates team work by working right along with them during peak times to ensure smooth and excellent service.

The most difficult part of her career is identifying and staying on top of preventive practices and maintenance to keep situations from becoming problems. It requires keen, constant observations all day.  This contributes to what she likes best about the business is that “every day is different”.Michellle&Sons

In Michelle’s time away from work she likes to spend quality time with her family.  They love Flagstaff because it offers so many opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities together.

MichellesSonsHighFiveHer oldest son likes soccer and her youngest son likes anything outdoors.  They both love Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen’s cheese pizza with olive oil and garlic and all of the salads.  They love when Michelle brings home dinner.  She said she doesn’t bring it very often so it remains a special treat.


After almost 10 years with Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen, and testing the food daily for quality, she still enjoys the food and her current favorite is Puttanesca pizza and Chipotle chicken pasta.

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“I’m very proud to be part of the Picazzo’s family.  I’m honored to be part of such a great organization that truly offers a healthy dining experience that she can stand behind.”


Please congratulate Michelle when you are dining in Flagstaff for her wonderful service.  It won’t be hard to find her as she is usually out with the staff supporting them every step of the day! #PicazzosFlagstaff