Picazzo’s supports Earth Day, All Year

Picazzo’s is proud to share how we currently support Earth Day all year long!  We continue to look for ways to improve and welcome ideas and suggestions from team members and our guests.

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Why not make mindful choices for Mother Earth every day for the whole year?

  • Choose organic as it’s really good for the earth and you.

Picazzo’s buys local and organic as Mother Nature allows.  Droughts and excess rain impact harvest in all regions of the world.  Picazzo’s requests hydroponic or non-GMO substitutions when organic orders cannot be fulfilled.  As temperatures increase in the valley, Picazzo’s and other restaurants must source from more temperate climates where vegetables can be grown, unless they have a temperature controlled green house to support their restaurant in their backyard.

  • Reduce livestock meat consumption and eat vegetarian a minimum of once a week.

Picazzo’s does not serve any livestock entrée’s, only chicken and turkey to reduce the large impact that livestock has on the earth and to encourage reduction of beef and pork in our diets.

Picazzo’s has over 50 vegetarian and vegan options on our menu which greatly impacts the health of our guests as it keeps them healthier and the vitality of our Mother Earth as it does not deplete our soil.

  • Choose sustainable seafood.

Picazzo’s orders sustainable shrimp for salads, pasta and pizza’s.

  • Choose food grown locally and support local business

All Picazzo’s 5 current locations are locally owned and operated since 2002 with the first location in Sedona, AZ.

When guests choose to support locally owned business, it supports the community.

“The findings of this analysis show that locally owned companies with a vested interest in the community in fact do create a greater economic impact, indirectly supporting more jobs, payroll and output locally. They also create a greater revenue impact in that more of the taxes they pay, and their employees pay, stay in Arizona.”

Picazzo’s is committed to sourcing and serving the best, local produce they have access to. Currently, (March 2016) Picazzo’s receives produce from these local farms:

Click here to find further benefits of these simple four ideas.

Live Green Wall
Live Green Wall

In addition Picazzo’s has installed green living walls

  • Among many benefits, having green plants indoors assists you to breathe easier, purifies the air, improving health and sharpening our teams and guests focus.

We also have a beautiful green living wall in Scottsdale and our Paradise Valley location at the entrances.  More green living walls to come!

Additional link to the benefits of green plants indoors.

And another just for you!

In addition Picazzo’s supports Refresh Glass

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  • Shop with Refresh Glass as they collect empty wine bottles from local restaurants and transform them into glasses. They are recycled currently in our Tempe location on demand from Refresh Glass.  They are available for sale online at Refresh Glass or in Picazzo’s Organic Italian Restaurant in Tempe, AZ.  http://picazzos.com/#locations

In addition Picazzo’s supports The Bottle Box.


  • Picazzo’s orders plastic take-out containers made from recycled beverage bottles! With a strong focus on sustainable innovation and reducing our carbon footprint, The BOTTLEBOX company is a recycling success and we are proud to support them and their contribution to utilizing the common disposable plastic bottle from filling our landfill.  They can be recycled over and over and they are stylish too!