Picazzo’s Makes My Life Better

Darryl B and his wife, Colleen were Picazzo’s guests prior to Darryl being diagnosed with Celiac Disease just 2 months ago.  He feels very fortunate to have Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen in his North Scottsdale neighborhood at the Promenade Mall at Frank Lloyd Wright and Scottsdale Road.  We contacted Darryl after he posted the following YELP review:

“This place only gets better every time we go there. They’ve redone their menu, and it’s even better than it was before. Yes, it’s a bit costly, but if you’re gluten intolerant like I am, this is your dream restaurant. You can eat everything on the menu… yes… everything. It’s like when you were able to eat everything before you became a Celiac! It’s a weird feeling to not have to ask for a gluten-free menu, or which items are safe to eat or even worse, hear a waitress drone on about how there’s most likely cross contamination across the whole menu.

But that’s not the only reason why the place is great. The food is fantastic in its own right, whether you’re a celiac or not. It’s genuinely just great Italian food. All their breads and crusts taste great, and are really flavorful. You don’t feel like you’re settling for “gluten-free food” when you eat here. It’s real, delicious Italian food.

Their service is also fantastic. We’ve never had a waiter/waitress that was rude. Each one seems like they’re happy to be there, and proud to work at a place that offers such options. Plus they have a “club” of sorts that racks up points pretty quickly, and will give you 10 dollar discounts on future meals, which helps with the higher prices.

All in all, there’s not many places I can eat at in North Scottsdale without getting a gluten reaction. This place has become a sort of refuge for me. I know this place is safe no matter what I eat, and I can’t thank them enough for that. 

I don’t write reviews on yelp very often, unless the place is out of this world, or if the place was downright horrible. This is the former. If you’re a celiac, you’ve just found your favorite place to eat in all of Phoenix.”

Darryl likes to create his own gluten free pizza with the turkey Bolognese sauce, tomato, Italian sausage, and pepperoni.  He says he still has many entrees to try.

His wife, Colleen loves the Lasagna Bolognese.  Due to her diagnosed Crones disease they have shared with us about the sensitivity to al dente vegetables and the acidity of whole cloves of garlic.  Darryl was pleased to know Picazzo’s cared enough to reach out and listen to their dietary needs and restrictions.

Darryl said now that he can’t have “normal” bread, it makes our cheese bread and pizza a favorite.  They have also enjoyed Mama’s Meat’za balls, Tiramisu and the Ultimate Brownie.

They feel our guest service is impeccable and they feel the servers are proud of what they offer.

Celiac Disease flipped his world around and Picazzo’s fills a very distinct need in his life as it offers safety to eat away from home and a delicious variety of food – all gluten free.

Please forward this link to other friends and family that may not be aware of the amazing gluten free menu at Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen.  Share on your Celiac Forum or Blog sites!

Voted BEST Gluten Free Restaurant  by Phoenix New Times, 2015.

Picazzo’s has five locations: Sedona, Flagstaff, Paradise Valley/Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe/Chandler.  Check our website for maps and hours of operation.