The Secret to our Famous Gluten Free Pizza

The Secret to our Famous Gluten Free PizzaAt Picazzo’s we have been known for serving up some of the very best pizza in Arizona since we first opened our doors in Sedona. It was not until 2005 that we became famous around the state, from Flagstaff to Phoenix for our gluten free pizza. It was at that time that our founder Rick decided to make the move to begin appealing to the gluten intolerant and celiac communities. What began as a small portion of our menu has become the majority. Today we offer 87 gluten free menu options, including our famous pizza!

Many of our most loyal customers report that they love our pizza and cannot believe it does not contain gluten. We love to see families and friends dining together enjoying the freedom to order and share pizza freely without fear of gluten contamination or pleasing picky eaters. If there is one thing we can all agree on it’s that, gluten free or not, ours is some of the best pizza you will find in Arizona.

Gluten Free Kitchen

We are often asked about the secret to our gluten free pizza. While we do not divulge our recipe, we do attribute much of our success to maintaining gluten free kitchens in each of our stores. This enables our kitchen staff to cook and try new recipes without fear of contamination. We stock each with the freshest ingredients available and the very best gluten free products on the market today. In essence, we set ourselves up for success by maintaining the best gluten free kitchens in Phoenix, Sedona, Tempe, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Flagstaff.

Commitment to Perfection

At Picazzo’s it is in our nature to continue pushing the envelope. In fact, it is this very commitment that inspired our founder to begin offering gluten free Pizza. Though we have long since created a gluten free pizza dough that is second to none, we have never stopped working to improve upon it. We encourage our kitchen staff’s creativity, asking them to test proportions and new ingredients to ensure we maintain the distinction of offering the best gluten free pizza in Phoenix, Sedona, Tempe, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Flagstaff.

Gluten Free Pizza Phoenix

Whether you are a Phoenix local, a Sedona tourist or a Flagstaff native, it is our goal to offer up the best gluten free pizza around. Come see us to accommodate the dietary needs of a loved one and leave a lifelong member of the Picazzo’s family. We assure you that even the skeptics agree, our pizza is second to none.

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