Your Guide to Gluten Free Dining; Even on Vacation

gluten free pizza SedonaNow that summer is in full swing, it’s time to start planning for those upcoming vacations and getaways. For those who battle gluten intolerance or celiac disease, the planning process can be a bit more involved. Before heading out on a trip, these folks have to consider their diet even more carefully than they do in their everyday lives. Without access to their own kitchen, as well as the stores and restaurants they trust at home, it’s crucial to plan meals ahead of time. This is precisely why we are devoting today’s post to gluten free dining while on vacation!

Research Gluten Free Restaurants and Stores

Whether you’re road tripping, and stopping multiple places, or traveling to a single destination, researching ahead of time will make the entire trip more enjoyable. Find local stores and restaurants that cater to those with gluten intolerance. Use review sites like Yelp to learn more and narrow your options. One of the biggest challenges for those who follow a gluten free diet is the risk of contamination. A restaurant who offers gluten free options does not necessarily maintain a gluten free kitchen or preparation space. By doing your homework, you can create a list of safe restaurants that offer truly gluten free menu options. Have this list on hand throughout your vacation so you can enjoy dining out without worry.

Pack Gluten Free Foods

If you are able, be sure and pack some of your favorite gluten free snacks and grocery items for your trip. Having food options on hand will enable you to enjoy every moment of your trip without feeling as though you are in the constant pursuit of your next gluten free meal. Looking for ideas for gluten free snacks on the go? Check out Pinterest for cleaver ideas and recipes. Here are a few of our favorites:

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Visit the local grocery store and stock up on the food items you were unable to pack. Whether you have access to a kitchen, a fridge or even a cooler, you can stock up on your favorite gluten free foods after arriving at your destination.

Get Creative

Having trouble finding gluten free restaurants in the area? Find creative ways to enjoy the sights and sounds of your vacation destination without risking your health. Visit the local farmer’s market. Buy local produce and gluten free foods. This is a great way to experience local goods and cuisine, all while meeting members of the community!

Find local gluten free meet-up groups. is one of our favorites. With more than 75,000 members in 193 cities and 17 countries worldwide, this site provides information on a wide variety of gluten free events around the globe. Talk about a great way to meet locals and learn about businesses that cater to the gluten free community!

Pack a picnic, with all of your local finds, before setting out to visit attractions. Picnicking is a great way to immerse yourself in local culture while still carefully monitoring your diet! Your vacation doesn’t have to skip a beat as a result of your gluten free lifestyle. Look at it as an opportunity to connect with likeminded individuals in the cities and communities you’re visiting.

Here at Picazzo’s we are proud to maintain 5 locations in some of Arizona’s most popular destinations. Offering 87 gluten free options, 52 vegan options and 70 vegetarian options, we are always happy to cater to the dietary needs of locals and tourists alike. If you are planning a trip to Tempe, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Flagstaff or Sedona, we hope you will make us part of your adventure.

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