Client Testimonial: Eating Gluten Free in Tempe

Picazzos Italian Restaurant Tempe


At Picazzo’s we are always pleased to hear from our happy customers. We recently received this lovely testimonial and wanted to share it with the rest of the Picazzo’s family. Shelly and her family love that we offer a gluten free menu in Tempe.



We lived down the street from Picazzo’s for years and loved the restaurant, but didn’t appreciate how unique and special it was until my daughter was diagnosed with Celiac a year after we moved. We now live in the Silicon Valley area of CA and wish Picazzo’s would open a restaurant in this area. It is the type of restaurant people in this area would love to frequent. Cities like Los Gatos, Los Altos or Palo Altos would be ideal locations for Picazzo’s to thrive!!!

My daughter loves that basically everything on the menu is something she can eat. We also love that there is a dedicated stone fire oven especially for the gluten free pizza, so we are able to enjoy the same great tasting pizza. Living a gluten free life, because of Celiac, requires extra precautions when eating out. Thank you Picazzo’s for allowing my family to enjoy eating out without concerns of cross contamination. We return to Tempe, AZ several times a year and we always stop in for a meal or two while we are in town. We will be in town in just a week and look forward to visiting our favorite Picazzo’s.

Best regards,

Shelly A

Thank you Shelly for sharing your feedback and this adorable picture of your girls enjoying lunch with us! We look forward to your next visit.

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