National Parks Adventures and Eats

National Parks AdventureOur recent national parks adventure was filled with many miles in the car, wonderful scenery, hikes and picnics galore. We love to eat, so we balance our travel with plenty of activities. This adventure included a lot of hiking as it was cool and hiking options were plentiful. We planned a few hikes but also left a day unplanned so we could take tips from the fellow hikers we were bound to meet along the way.

Glacier National Park’s crisp weather and abundance of hiking trails was well suited for some serious picnic packing and layers of clothing. Sean Manning, the GM at Picazzo’s Scottsdale location highly recommended we hike near “Going To The Sun.” The stunning views, the people we met along the way and the picnic of the day did not disappoint.

Rick packed a hardy, but wonderful twist on a seemingly classic nut butter sandwich. But, this wasn’t any ordinary nut butter sandwich. He layered almond butter, local Arizona honey that Holly the bartender in Scottsdale shared with us, toasted coconut flakes, banana slices and a few sliced black figs we purchased along the way. All of this was sandwiched between delicious whole grain bread. Let’s just say the sandwiches AND the vista were unbelievable.

We are iphone photographers, so it is impossible to capture the vastness of the enormous glaciers, the deep canyons, magnificent skies and bounty of grasses, flowers, streams and wildlife. The Pano setting was the best way to get a large area. Even then, we wanted to capture more sky or canyon than was possible.

We usually eat pizza everywhere we travel! It is still our favorite and we consider it our homework! Though the staff often jokes that Rick isn’t working, he is actually hard at work with every bite. It’s fun to see what other parts of the country are serving to their guests. We love to eat what is fresh and seasonal. Huckleberries just happened to be in season, so Nancy had her first taste of Huckleberry pie and vanilla ice cream. We shared a slice between four of us. We also had some amazing fresh peaches, apples and vegetables at Farmer’s Markets along the way.

Yellowstone National Park was next. The ecosystem is magnificent yet very fragile. Most of the walking was on wooden walkways built throughout the park’s popular natural attractions. Bryce Canyon National Park’s backcountry was full of dramatic hikes and breathtaking vistas.

Have you visited any U.S. National Parks? If you have not, or you still have a few more to visit, we encourage you to put them on your bucket list! We assure you that you will be in awe of the national wonders we have right here at home. We loved every minute of our National Park visits! We are grateful for the opportunity to visit our country’s bounty. We met wonderful people along the way and the trip would not have been the same without our dear friends, Frank and Roseanne!

The Quest for the Best Pizza Around
At Picazzo’s we are committed to serving up the very best pizza in Arizona. We are constantly testing new flavors and pushing the boundaries with our authentic pizza recipes. As Rick and Nancy travel throughout the United States and abroad, they are in the constant pursuit of new flavor profiles. During their travels they discover new and exciting ways to create the best pizza in Arizona and beyond. From packing picnics with of local goods and produce to dining in locally owned restaurants, they are our eyes and ears on the ground. Experience Rick and Nancy’s travels right along with them here on our blog and through our unique menu items! Come see us today.

We always love to hear from members of the Picazzo’s family. Share your favorite photo from a U.S. National Park with us. We’d also like to hear about your most unique hiking picnic! What made it so special and who created it? Please share your story on the Picazzo’s Facebook page!

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