Introducing Our Newly Expanded Menu

best gluten free menu in ArizonaHere at Picazzo’s we have been considered one of the best gluten free restaurants in Arizona for many years. In fact, we made the commitment to offer gluten free menu items, without sacrificing flavor, in 2005. Today, 99% of our menu is  gluten free. Over the past 10 years, it has been quite an amazing journey. We have developed award winning recipes for gluten free pastas, pizzas and even desserts. Because we are always working to perfect and improve upon our recipes, we made a decision in late 2014 to add to our existing menu. After months of testing and lots of ingenuity on the part of our talented chefs, we introduced our new menu. No need to worry, you will still find many of your old favorites on today’s menu. However, you will find some new twists on old classics as well as a number of new additions. As always, we created our latest menu with food allergies and dietary restrictions in mind. In fact, our new menu includes 87 gluten free options; includes 70 vegetarian choices and 52 vegan options.

The BEST Gluten Free Menu in Arizona!

At Picazzo’s we have become very popular among the celiac and gluten intolerant communities. While some restaurants offer gluten free options, cross contamination can be a huge concern. At Picazzo’s we maintain a completely gluten free kitchen. The pizza doughs we serve that contain gluten are prepared in a designated area, to ensure there is no risk of contamination. Our gluten sensitive and celiac customers can rest assured when dining in any one of our restaurants throughout the state of Arizona. If you’re seeking the best gluten free menu in Arizona, we encourage you to visit us in Tempe, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Sedona or Flagstaff. Get to know our new menu, we promise you will not be disappointed. In addition to those who visit us for our gluten free menu options, we cater to a wide variety of other dietary restrictions.  From lactose free to vegetarian and vegan dishes, we truly offer it all. We are committed to serving fresh, nutritious food while optimizing flavor. If you, or a loved one, adhere to a restricted diet, we encourage you to come in and check out our best gluten free menu today! Learn what it means to once again eat out without fear of cross contamination or an allergic reaction. Ready dine with us? Visit our online menu today! Would you like to learn more about one of Arizona’s best gluten free menus?  Follow our blog! Here we will be sharing insights on maintaining a gluten free lifestyle and much more. While you’re here, be sure and check out these recent posts:

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