Feel Good & Eat Good: Rick’s Take on Healthy Cuisine in Arizona & Beyond

For over 12 years, founder of Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen, Rick Freedman, has been dedicated to providing Arizona residents with high quality restaurants that serve clean, globally inspired cuisine. Rick was raised in the family specialty food business where he learned to appreciate and love food! Rick travels extensively and continues to search for unique ideas to enhance his already packed and prominently gluten free menu. In addition to his large menu selections, he has for the past 3 years, converted his recipes to accommodate the ever increasing dietary restrictions of his guests. There is something beautiful to see a celiac discover they can dine with their friends, coworkers and/or family while every non-celiac can enjoy the same incredible appetizers, salads, soups, entrées, dessert and full bar options.

Getting to Know Rick: an Arizona Restaurateur

You may not know how unique Rick and his restaurants are. A dozen or more employees have been part of Picazzo’s team since the first Sedona restaurant opened in 2002. We will feature our wonderful employee’s and some of the most unique stories in our new blog series.

On a recent road trip Rick visited and inspected all five of his Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona and Flagstaff restaurants. After spending time with his staff, Rick set off to travel through Nevada and Oregon. During the trek, Rick stopped in Bend, OR to visit two employees who first met at the Sedona Picazzo location. The two later married and moved to Bend to raise the “first Picazzo baby girl,” Milo. Rick was honored to be asked to walk his employee and friend, Lorena down the aisle just over 3 years ago. They have kept in touch all these years as Lorena and Tyler have returned to visit Rick’s top rated Arizona restaurants on several occasions. Rick however, had never met Milo until this trip. They shared Thai food, a favorite of Rick’s, and enjoyed Milo’s and Tyler’s company. Lorena unfortunately had to work that evening, so Rick, Nancy, Tyler and Milo surprised her at her place of work. Lorena was overjoyed at Rick’s thoughtfulness to take the time to visit their family and finally meet their special Milo.

Rick has a special personality and an open heart which is evident in each of his gluten free Arizona restaurants. It is Rick’s commitment to service and quality that keeps employees and customers coming back time and time again. We hope you will stay tuned to hear Rick’s unique voice and tales of his culinary adventures around the world. Adventures that directly impact the healthy, vegetarian and gluten free menu items in each of his Arizona restaurants. In the meantime, if you’re seeking a healthy menu option for lunch or dinner, or an upcoming event, we encourage you to visit any one of Rick’s Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona and Flagstaff restaurants.

Do you have questions for Rick or the rest of our staff? Please share them below! We are always pleased to hear from our customers!